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Application forms and Tips

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Tips for filling out an Application Form

It’s not uncommon to be one of several applying for one rental property. It therefore pays to have some hints from people like us, whose job it is to help our client (the landlord) select the best applicant to reside in their property.

It’s all about standing out from the crowd on the day of inspection and on paper. Here are our tips to shine:
1. Look presentable – first impressions are lasting ones and the way you present yourself is seen as a reflection of the way you keep your home.

2. Keep children at bay or don’t bring them along – we know it’s natural for children to be excited when inspecting what could be their new home. Many of us here have kids and we’ve all been kids ourselves. But often children will become a little over-excited and wear and tear is a key consideration of every landlord when selecting the most suitable tenant for their property. Well-behaved children will do wonders for your application. If in doubt that your children will behave on the day, arrange for them to be looked after while you inspect the property.

3. Complete all the paperwork – we see so many applications where details that should have been completed have been missed. Our advice to you is to fill out every part of the application – don’t leave anything blank. The agent needs contact names and phone numbers and the property owner wants to know your story in order to assess if you are the best applicant to tenant their property.

4. Supply photo ID with your application - this ensures the agent can correctly identify you.

5. Attach a covering letter – not everyone does this, therefore it’s your chance to stand out from the crowd. The purpose of the covering letter is to highlight a bit about yourself and your family to the landlord. Outline things like the school/s your children attend, what you do, where you work and why you would like to lease this particular property.

6. Attach references – always include references from previous landlords, agents or, if you haven’t rented before, financial institution records – anything that shows a sound payment history and/or character reference. Your ability and willingness to pay the rent on time is number one on any landlord’s list of priorities.