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How long will it take to lease my property?
Our average time to lease your property varies throughout the year depending upon market conditions. However, we begin marketing your property as soon as we are aware of the date it will become available for rent and we are totally focused on finding you a qualified tenant in the quickest possible time.

When you find an applicant for my property, how do you qualify them?
We strive to provide you with the calibre of tenants that you want in your rental property.
This includes:
• An meeting with one of our highly experienced team members
• A 100 point identification check
• A detailed tenancy database search
• Verification from their current/former landlords/agents
• Verification of their employment
• Verification that they can afford the rent and all other monies payable under the tenancy agreement.

In addition to the normal financial qualifications, we always try to accommodate the housing needs of our tenants to ensure the property they rent is convenient to their work, shopping and desired school district. This will help to ensure that they will settle quickly into the area and remain longer in your rental property. Unless you instruct otherwise, all tenancy applicants, once met and reference checked by us, will be presented to you for approval before any tenancy documentation is entered into.

How quickly do you process the rent statements to property owners?

We pride ourselves on prompt and regular processing of rent statements. We process rental statements on the 15th and the last day of the month. Rent Statements will be posted or emailed to you on the next working day and unless you instruct otherwise your rent monies will be deposited into your bank account by electronic funds transfer (EFT).

How often, and how are property inspections conducted?

During a tenant’s occupancy, we carry out routine inspections every 3 months with the initial inspection conducted once the tenant has been in occupation for 6 weeks. We have the ability to email you the inspection report from the property to ensure there is no delay to you.

To view a sample routine inspection report click here.

When the tenants vacate your property we carry out a detailed outgoing inspection. The inspection is done to ensure that the tenants return the property back to us in an acceptable condition. If damage is found or cleaning is necessary, we make the necessary deductions from the tenants rental bond.

Should I take out Landlord Protection Insurance?

Landlord protection insurance is vital for any professional investor and we strongly recommend you take out this cover.
It can cover unforeseen circumstances like:
• Accidental damage or breakage
• Malicious damage or vandalism caused by tenants
• Deliberate or intentional damage caused by tenants
• Public Liability
• Loss of rental income
• Rent default and theft by tenants.

We can refer you to specialist landlord protection insurance companies with excellent cover and premiums.

How are rental collections handled?
Our rent collection policies are as follows:
• All rents are due either monthly or fortnightly in advance
• The vast majority of our tenants utilise our DIRECT DEBIT facility from their bank accounts for rent payments
• If your tenant is 5 days late with their rent, they are personally phoned, faxed, emailed or sent an sms message
• Tenants who are 10 days late with their rent are personally phoned or visited by a property manager
• If the outstanding rent is then not paid within 2 days, we will contact you to update you on the situation and seek your instructions regarding the possible termination of the tenancy
• Once the tenant is 15 days late with the rent and subject to your instructions, we serve the tenant with a Notice to Vacate requiring the tenant to vacate the property within 14 days.

Do you provide me with an End of Financial Year Statement for my income tax return?

Yes. We can either provide you with a paper based Statement at the end of June each year, or you can access an electronic copy at any time via a secure login to the Harcourts Alliance portal.

Can you pay my Water Rates, Council Rates and Strata Levies for me?

Yes, just advise us in writing and we can do the rest. Please note that the tenants are responsible for the payment of Water Consumption however to ensure no late fees we pay this out of your owner funds first and then seek reimbursement from the tenant.

Do I need to redirect my mail?
Yes, tenants cannot always be relied upon to forward your mail to you or to us. So, we recommend that you arrange a suitable mail redirection service with Australia Post.

Can I use my own tradespeople to carry out repairs at the property?
Certainly. However, it is important to ensure that anyone who carries out work at your property is appropriately licensed and insured. Harcourts Alliance has a large pool of tradespeople on its books that can carry out repair work in a timely fashion, and with our bulk buyer power, at very competitive prices.

Are you the cheapest property management business in the area?
Definitely not. However, we do believe we are the best property management business in Joondalup focused on providing a level of service unsurpassed in the industry. We have found that charging a discount price dictates a lower level of service, therefore we charge a competitive fee commensurate with the high quality of service we provide to our clients. Low fees may end up costing you more over the life of your investment property.

How do I transfer my management from another agency?
Simple! And there is no change fee associated. If you currently have a property managed by another agent and you're not satisfied with the service you are getting from your current agent and would like to change over to Harcourts Alliance all you have to do is call or email Di Barella on 0428 357 619 or diannebarella@harcourtsalliance.com.au. You will need to fill out a new management agreement with Harcourts Alliance and we will take care of everything else for you. We will organise for the tenant to be notified and for the keys to be collected from your managing agent. Everything else carries on as usual. Changing your managing agent could never be easier!

Why should I choose Harcourts Alliance?
That’s simple, our core values and dedication to creating clients for life.
-People First
-Doing the Right
-Being Courageous
-Fun and Laughter
Our clients know that our people make the difference and we really care. There is no better option than Harcourts Alliance for all your property management needs.