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Appraisal Information

Understanding a Market Appraisal

It is important for you as a property investor to understand that rents can fluctuate during the year and are predominantly determined by the market, i.e. the tenant and that every appraisal may vary depending on the supply and demand of tenants and properties at the time of renting.

When appraising the property, we take into consideration the following:

• Comparison with similar properties
• Features or benefits of the property (i.e. ensuite, fenced yard, double garage, views, proximity to shops, décor, accessibility, modern convenience;
including - dishwasher, dryer, microwave, vacuum maid etc)
• Condition and presentation of the property
• Overall condition of the rental market (i.e. vacancy rates, supply & demand)

Our office engages the services of professional cleaners and trades people who can promptly rectify these areas to ensure that we can secure a quality tenant as soon as possible.

We pride ourselves on our professional service offered. We are extremely thorough with our process of tenant selection, and believe that all properties should be presented in an A1 condition to attract an A1 tenant.

I always stress the importance of choosing a team that you are comfortable with and who will consistently provide a high level of service. As your local Realtor, at Harcourts Alliance we have structured our Property Management Team in a manner to allow our Property Managers the ability to provide a high standard of service to all our Clients; Owners, Tenants and Tradespeople included.