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Continuing Management

Continual Management

The Continual Management of the property includes:

1. 24/7 access to your property information through a secure online portal. You can view your important information when it is convenient to you as well as view and download copies of documents relevant to your property.
2. Daily monitoring of Rent Payments – including SMS courtesy reminders if the rent is not received on the due date plus the issuing of Termination
Notices if they remain 3 days in arrears.
3. Arranging and monitoring of any Maintenance and Improvements that may be required.
4. Regular Routine Inspections – these are carried out approximately 6 weeks after the tenancy commences and then every three months.
Depending on the outcome of the first two inspections it may be appropriate to only carry out 6 monthly inspections; your Property Manager will
discuss the outcome of each inspection with you within a few days of the inspections being carried out. Photographs are taken, however the
consideration of the tenants right to privacy is taken into account during this process.
5. Rent Reviews and Lease renewals are assessed approximately 2-3 months before they are due ensuring the maximum return for your property
is achieved.
6. Remitting of net rental monies to your account, you may choose to have either a once only payment or two payments a month .
7. Monthly statements emailed direct to you.
8. Along with these the Daily management of the property includes ensuring that your requirements and any requests or matters concerning the tenant
are attended to.

Some other services you may wish to consider are having a Depreciation Schedule carried out on the property to allow you maximum tax benefits as well as Landlord Insurance for maximum protection of your property, we can assist you with both of these.

Each Property Manager’s portfolio is carefully monitored to ensure full attention to the daily requirements of the properties is given. In addition to this regular Team and Individual Meetings are conducted to ensure our Service Standards are being maintained.